Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

AUD aspires to be a globally recognised premier liberal arts university.

AUD is committed to foster an academic culture that promotes equity, social justice and excellence through engaged scholarship attuned to holistic transformation of self and society.

AUD has been envisioned to be a public university that acts as an instrument for social action at the interface of civil society and the State.

AUD envisions to pioneer an institutional culture of non-hierarchical functioning, team work and creativity.

Mission Statement

The mission of AUD is to prepare informed and sensitive professionals characterised by their courage, compassion, competence, collaborative spirit, global and futuristic outlook, honesty and integrity.

AUD is committed, through research and pedagogic interventions, to facilitate and strengthen creative commons and democratisation of knowledge, particularly so, in response to the unarticulated/unforeseen social needs and contexts.

Core Values

Academic excellence with equity and social justice

Engaged scholarship

Nurturing diversity and pluralism

Commitment to social responsibility

Non-hierarchical functioning, team work and creativity

Academic integrity and innovative ethos