Library Governance

Library Governance

Library governed through Library Advisory Committee and Library Rules.

Terms of Reference


LAC (Library Advisory Committee) plays an advisory and advocacy role regarding the Library on matters of general policy, planning, programs, goals, and objectives in its support of teaching, learning, research and community‐building needs of the University.


Facilitating communication with and obtaining feedback from the university community on library collections, programs, services, infrastructure, and communication mechanisms.

  • To provide a forum for discussing University library and its community’s needs and expectations for information.
  • To act as advocates for the Library in university‐wide decision‐making groups
  • To advise the library on policy matters concerning services, resources and facilities
  • To provide an opportunity to raise and discuss initiatives in the provision of library and information services
  • To facilitate communication between the Library and the community it serves


  • The Committee within the framework of the overall strategic policies of the University shall:
  • Advises and reviews library policies for instruction, resources, services, and the facility
  • Advises regarding library services, especially innovation, for the campus community
  • Discuss and evaluate budgetary issues for books, journals, databases, media, e-resources etc.
  • Reviews benchmarking reports with peer institutions for resources, staffing, and services
  • Ensures the library is connected with and supports the University’s academic programs.
  • Represent the views of the Library’s stakeholders on library and information services
  • Deliberate and advise on the direction and development of policies for library and information services to ensure the best possible support is provided
  • Recommend new collections and promote contributions to link Institutional Knowledge at University by University community for the dissemination and preservation of University intellectual and institutional knowledge
  • Support the Library’s efforts in ensuring financial accountability and responsibility in the provision of library collections
  • Propose and champion opportunities in bringing together University community in the Library to advance knowledge and information sharing
  • Promote the Library to the internal and external community
  • Report to the VC on significant matters