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Ehsaas Covid Helpline

Fresh roster of the ehsaas covid mental health helpline for this week 24th, May to 28, May

Fresh roster of the ehsaas covid mental health helpline for this week 10 May to 21 May

Ehsaas helpline for psychological support during the pandemic starts on May 3rd

Ehsaas Clinic Notices 22/07/2020

Counselling Services Available to University Students during Covid-19 Pandemic

Ehsaas Clinic Notices

Ehsaas Clinic Notices regarding Facilities will be paused during the Summer Break from 18th June till 9th July 2022.

Ehsaas is the Psychotherapy Clinic at Ambedkar University Delhi. It's an initiative of the Centre of Psychotherapy and Clinical Research, School of Human Studies, since 2011.

At Ehsaas, we work with individuals, couples and families, of all age groups. Anyone facing psychological distress such as inability to concentrate, episodes of low mood or depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks or someone who is noticing an inability to commit to work or relationships, feeling alienated in one’s relationships or family, or facing more chronic symptoms such as seeing things or hearing voices (visual/auditory hallucinations) should contact the clinic. Ehsaas comprises of an Adult, Child and Family Clinic and it provides psycho-diagnostic psychological testing, along with a referral service.

Psychotherapy is a dyadic short term and long term process which involves empathic listening to the client’s distress and it's a process that changes the nature of the distress through reflection and insight. Along with the presenting difficulties different aspects of one’s life such as childhood experiences, significant relationships, and traumatic events are looked into in this process. The psychoanalytic perspective, which guides the therapeutic focus aims at looking at painful parts of one’s life and creating a space in the mind which doesn't need to deny these painful experiences. In painful experiences the mind loses its capacity to think and feel, which leads to the creation of psychological distress. Therapy builds a relationship with the silent and the articulated pain and it opens the individual to a journey in search of a self devoted to finding a personal meaning from where seeds of life and dreams of hope emanate.

At Ehsaas we work with a sliding fee scale and also offer psychotherapeutic support without charging any fee. This is done to ensure that all who need help can access it without feeling burdened by their economic constraints. Also, and equally important for us as a team of psychotherapists is establish a caring community. We believe that when people are respected and loved for who they are and are taken care of, eventually they themselves becoming caring and concerned human beings. In this respect, our low fee ethic is a response against the high commercialization in health care systems which is prevalent all around us today.

Ehsaas is a public health clinic with a devoted set of mental health professionals, who believe in extending their concern to those in need and thus contributing to a different formation of human subjectivity in which care for self and care for others goes hand in hand. The economic proceedings earned at the low fee clinics of ehsaas are spent in thoughtful ways, which includes supporting individuals with chronic mental illness or those having emotional challenges and no family to support them.

Our team at ehsaas consists of psychoanalytic therapists, clinical psychologists and a psychiatrist. The team members are: Prof Honey Oberoi, Prof Ashok Nagpal, Dr Shalini Masih, Dr Shifa Haq, Dr Pallavi Banerjee, Dr Anoop Koileri, Dr Sugandha Dixit, Neetu Sarin, Anshumita Pandey, Ashis Roy, Rajinder Singh, Nikita Jain, and Shefali Singh

If you would like to meet us, you can:

In case you would want to meet us independently do write to us: ​ on ehsaas[at]aud[dot]ac[dot]in and fill in our referral form (link) and mail it to us.

  • Ashis Roy: 9818447798
  • Shefali Singh: 9643162826
  • Nikita Jain: 9891635626