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The Dr. B R Ambedkar University Delhi campus is located in the northern part of the city of Delhi known as the Delhi 6 or Kashmere Gate area.

Its official address is Ambedkar University Delhi, Lothian Road, Kashmere Gate, Delhi-110006.

Unfortunately, few taxi or auto drivers have ever heard of Lothian Road. They are however familiar with Kashmere Gate, the locality in which the campus is situated. In fact, University is located right next to IGDTUW in the old GGSIPU campus, which they should be able to take you to. Another well-known nearby landmark is the Old Delhi Railway station.


Google Maps link to University is the following:
ambedkar university delhi


Travel directions to University from Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA)


IGIA is almost 20 Kms away from University campus.


The reasonable options are to take a metro(see below) or a taxi(see below).



Probably the most viable and comfortable means of transport in Delhi for a visitor in Metro which covers almost every corner of the city (see Below). Both terminal 1D and terminal 3 has metro connectivity which shuttles you to New Delhi Railway Station, from there you need change the metro to the yellow line and hop on to the metro heading towards Jahangirpuri or Viswavidyalaya. Get down at Kashmere Gate metro station, take exit 7 and the campus is just 5 minutes away. You can take a cycle Rickshaw, which would cost you Rs/- 20.


Both regular taxis (prepaid) and radio taxis (postpaid) such as Merucabs and Easy cabs (see below) are available.

The pre-paid counters (for regular taxis) managed by Delhi Police are located inside the airport. To book a taxi, mention your destination and pay the fare. You will receive two receipts for the amount you pay. The pick-up locations are outside the terminal. You should hand over one copy to the driver only after you are satisfied that you have reached your destination. 

Post-paid radio taxis are available just outside the airport. In terminal 1, there is a prominent Easycabs stand where you can ask for the next available cab. They will give you a slip with a cab number, which you should be able to find in the taxi queue. In terminal 3, post-paid taxis are available outside two specific exit gates (see posted signs). Services are provided by Merucabs and Megacabs. Note that in addition to the metered fare and any applicable toll taxes, there will be an additional airport parking fee.

Be warned that even though regular taxis are cheaper, they are more liable to cause you hassle. In particular, the pre-paid counter will give you a designated pick-up location (and not a specific cab as the radio taxis will). It is quite possible that once you reach your pick-up location, you will find several other passengers waiting, and no taxi in sight. If this happens, get in touch with the staffs of Delhi Police on duty nearby.



Travel directions to University from (Old) Delhi Railway Station


As our campus is located just on the other side of the Old Delhi Railway Station, it is a walking distance from exit near Platform 16, called the Kashmere gate side exit. the campus is at a walking distance on Lothian Road.

Pre-paid taxis are not available at Old Delhi Railway Station, but you should be able to pick up a taxi or cycle Rickshaw on the street, if you come out of exit on the side of Platform no. 1 ( Chandini Chowk). It should cost you ₹ 30 INR (maximum)


Travel directions to University from New Delhi Railway station-


The distance to University, Kashmere Gate from New Delhi Railway Station is approximately 8 Kms.


Walk to New Delhi towards platform number-16 (Ajmeri gate) About 1 min (39 m) Just outside the station there is New Delhi Yellow Line (METRO STATION).

Take Subway towards Jahangirpuri (5 mins, 3 stops)

Get down at Kashmere Gate metro station, take exit 7 and the  campus is just 5 minutes away.




Black-and-yellow pre-paid taxis and Pre-paid autos are available, managed by Delhi Police (DP). the Counters are located on Ajmeri Gate exit side. Pre-paid radio taxis (Meru cabs) are available, but are more expensive (see below).


You can also use Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) buses. There are no direct buses to University campus, however all the bus plying towards ISBT Kashmere Gate would prove to be useful to reach campus. From ISBT Kashmere Gate, you can take an auto or cycle Rickshaw to the  campus.



Travel directions to University from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station Gate No.2-

There are no direct buses to University. From outside the station, near ISBT Sarai kale khan, you can get Bus to ISBT Kashmere Gate.

Walk to Sarai Kale Khan towards platform number-7 About 5 mins (450 m)

Take Bus towards Mori Gate Terminal bus no. 455, 422. At Mori Gate Terminal walk towards Kashmere Gate Metro station, take Exit. 7, and board a Cycle- Rickshaw toUniversity campus.

Pre-paid taxis are not available, but you should be able to pick up a taxi on the street. Pre-paid autos are available.

Travel directions to University from ISBT Kashmere Gate


Walk or take a cycle Rickshaw to University, it will cost you Rs. 20/-

Traveling around In Delhi

Autos and taxis

The Delhi Traffic Police website has the official tariff rates for Taxis and Autos. You an consult it to figure out how much it should cost to travel to your destination.

Autos are ubiquitous within the city limits, and you can usually flag one down on the street. Some will ask exorbitant rates; just ignore them and wait for the next available one. After an increase in the tariff recently, it is much easier to find an auto that will agree to charge the meter rate.

There are several "radio Taxi" services available in Delhi, with higher tariff fare, but usually more reliable. They can be booked in advance over the phone or through their website. The more popular ones are 

Meru Cabs: 011-4422-4422
Easy Cabs: 011-4343-4343


Delhi has an elaborate Metro/ subway system. In just a span of a decade almost the entire city has been brought it's coverage. The station nearest to  campus is Kashmere Gate. It is is one of the largest station, and also one of the oldest junction. It has two line criss crossing up- the yellow line and the red line, which is actually located near the Kashmere Gate Inter State Bus Terminas (ISBT).

You can take a cycle Rickshaw to travel from University to the Metro station and back.

For further info, you can visit :


The following public buses(run by DTC) stop near University campus on Lothian Road and Ring Road, which near b​y 405, 729, 411, TMS, 901, 501, 502, 533 etc.​

DTC has a very rudimentary website that you can use to get further information.

In general, buses are not a very good way to travel unless you are familiar with the system.