Faculty Profile


Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh


MA, MPhil and PhD, Jawaharlal Lal Nehru University Delhi (JNU)
Awarded Junior Research Fellowship (JRF)/NET by the UGC in Sociology

Past Experience

Teaching experience of more than two decades (Since 1999)

My Zone / Area of Expertise

  • Sociology of Religion
  • Globalization, Caste/ Religious Movements in Punjab, India
  • Rural Transformation and Change.
  • Sociology of Agriculture / Agribusiness.


  • Awarded Junior Research Fellowship (JRF)/NET by the UGC in Sociology




  • Singh, Santosh K. 2020. “Village as Home”. The Viral condition, Identities virtual symposium, published and hosted by the journal Identities: Global studies in Culture and Power, Routledge, Taylor and Francis group.
  • Article link: https://www.identitiesjournal.com/the-viral-condition-virtual-symposium/village-as-home
  • Singh, Santosh K. 2019. “From Syncretism to Split: Ethnographic Insights from a Socio-Religious Movement in India” in Religious Diversity in Asia by Jorn Borup, Lene Kuhle, Marianne Q Fibiger (Ed.). Brill Series in International Studies in Religion and Society, Volume: 34 (ISBN: 978-90-04-41581-2)
  • Singh, Santosh K. 2018. “Dalit Politics and its fragments in Punjab: Does religion hold the key?” In the Economic and Political Weekly.Vol LIII. No 35. September 1, 2018. Pp. 32-36.
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  • Singh, Santosh K. 2017. Deras and Dalit Identity.Frontline. September 29, 2017. Pp 31-32.
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Recent Guest Lectures:

  • Delivered a talk on “Participant Observation: What and How to record during the fieldwork:” on 18th March 2019, at the 10 Day Ethnography Workshop for Research Scholars in collaboration with Anthropological Survey of India, Kolkata from 11th March to 22nd March, 2019, organized at Ambedkar University Delhi.
  • Delivered a lecture on “Return to the roots: Revisiting some key premises of globalization”, at the 5th Refresher Course on Global Studies at Human Resource Development Centre, JNU, on 13th March 2019.
  • Invited lecture in a National Seminar, sponsored by ICSSR, on “ From Roots to Routes: Socio-Economic Implications of Transnational Community”, on March 08, 2019, organized by Post Graduate Department of Sociology and Economics, Guru Govind Singh College For Women, Sector 26, Chandigarh.
  • Delivered a join lecture on “ Class and Caste in Modern India” to the visiting faculty delegates from Metropolitan State University, Denver, USA, at AUD, 12th June, 2018, organized by the Office of International Studies, MSU, Denver in partnership with AUD.
  • As a invited resource person, presented a paper on “ Making of a Pilgrimage: Identity Politics and Ravidassia Movement in Varanasi” at the Winter School and workshop on Religions of India: Transformation of values, practices and institution, jointly organized by IIT, Delhi and University of Groningen, Netherlands, 22 March 2018, at IIT Delhi.
  • Delivered a lecture on Qualitative research method at Central University Haryana, Mahendragarh at the ICSSR funded 10 day Research methodology workshop on 17.03.2018
  • Delivered a talk on “Notes from the field: Sharing a research study”, at a ICSSR funded Research Methodology workshop at AUD (20 Feb to 1 March 2018), organized by the Centre for social Science research methods, Ambedkar University Delhi on 26th February 2018.
  • Delivered a talk on “ Identities: Tales from Punjab and Banaras” at the South Asian University, Delhi in their Seminar Series, 11th April, 2018
  • Invited as a panelist for discussion on “The role of Academicians in Evaluation culture”, by the Evalaution Community of India, on 9th February 2018 at India Habitat Centre, Delhi
  • Invited as a discussant for a panel discussion on the book by the Sage Publishers, “Warzone Tourism in Sri Lanka: Tales from darker places in paradise”, by Professor Sasanka Perera, on 13th January, 2017 in India International Center, Delhi.


Research (Supervision)

  • Supervised: 07 MPhil
  • Supervising 01 PhD student


Member (Research/Academic bodies/ Administrative unit)

  • Member, Editorial Board, International Journal on Humanistic Ideologyhttp://www.socio.humanistica.ro/
  • ISSN 1844 – 458X, a biannual journal published from the Cluj University Press, Romania, European Union, ( From 2008- 2018) 
  • Life member (LMI-1931), Indian Sociological Society (ISS), Delhi.
  • Coordinator, ERAMUS Exchange Programme with the Cluj University, Napoca, Romania and the AUD (2016-)
  • Convener, Research Studies Committee (RSC) School of Liberal Studies, SLS, AUD
  • Member, Research Studies Committee, School of Human Ecology, AUD (2011-2016
  • Member, Travel Grants Committee, AUD (2016-17)
  • Member, Standing Committee on Medical attendance and Treatment, AUD (2018-)
  • Deputy Dean, Students services, Ambedkar University Delhi (2016- April 11 2019)
  • Founding Programme Coordinator, Sociology, at the School of Liberal Studies (2011-13), AUD

Writings in Popular Press

  • Contributes/d to the Tribune, the Indian Express, the Daily O, the Scroll/ the Deccan Herald


Most recent ones:



Seminar / Conferences

Recent Papers at National/ International Conferences:

  • Invited speaker at Ambedkar International Conference, Bengaluru, organized by Karnataka Government, 21-23 July 2017. Paper titled: Fear, Faith and fusion of colors: When Ambedkar met Guru Ravidas at the Ghat of Varanasi.
  • Paper titled ‘From Syncretism to Split: Examining Ravidasia religious movement in contemporary Punjab’, presented in a workshop on Religious diversity in Asia on 3rd June 2015, Jointly organized by CSSS,JNU and Aarhus University, Denmark.
  • Paper titled ‘Understanding the Caste-Religion nexus: Ethnography of a Ravidassia dera in Punjab’, presented at SASNET Conference , Lund University, Sweden ( 20-22 May 2015)
  • Presented a paper title ‘Fluid Faiths: Mapping the religious landscape of South Asia’ at South Asian University (SAU), Delhi, India, in a conference South Asia? Explorations of the region: From within and without, organized on 6th February 2015 by SAU in collaboration with the Japan Foundation


  • SUB COMMITTEE MEMBER constituted to relook into the test design and item formats that are used to assess intended knowledge and abilities of aspirants of UGC-NET
  • Member, Editorial Committee, UGC-NET 2019, NTA (MHRD)
  • Advisor (Research): Oxfam India project on ‘Time use as a Marker of Inequality in India’ supported by the European Commission (Feb 2014 to May 2014).The study assessed disparities in time use across different social groups and locations and was conducted across five locations in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa.
  • Member, State Level Task Force for the implementation of SSA, RMSA-Government of Haryana (2010).
  • Member of the Core team, constituted by the Chandigarh Administration to devise strategies and implement plans for its “Value the Girl Child Campaign”. The assignment entailed organizing seminars and workshops for various target groups and providing sociological perspective to the campaign. (2007-2009).
  • Worked as a Social Scientist with the Netherlands funded Rural Water Supply and Sanitation project at Kanpur, U.P. for JPS- Associates, Management Consultants, Delhi (1998).