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Course TypeCourse CodeNo. Of Credits
Foundation CoreSLS2 SC0072
  • Semester and Year Offered: Second semester, MA sociology year 1
  • Course Coordinator and Team: TBD
  • Email of course coordinator: TBD
  • Pre-requisites: NA
  • Aim: This seminar is designed to introduce students to secondary research and enhance academic reading and writing skills within the discipline of Sociology. Students learn to survey academic resources; identify and review literature relevant to a thematic topic; create effective bibliographies; learn formal citation practices; present research; and write in multiple academic formats. Throughout the course, the focus is on reading, critical thinking, class participation and presentations. Students are required to read attentively and engage thoughtfully in class discussions.
  • Course outcomes:
  • It will enable the students to acquire academic and non-academic writing skills to disseminate work
  • It will enable the students to acquire critical reading skills crucial to engage with different kinds of texts
  • It will enable the students to acquire presentation skills which are significant to employability and skill development.
  • Brief description of modules/ Main modules:
  • Reading and discussion
  • This module is reading and discussion intensive and will comprise reading the entire required text followed by reviews of the book published in journals by different authors. The aim is to thoroughly familiarise students with the arguments made in the book and then evaluate it with the help of different reviews. In the process students are expected to appreciate the art of writing a book review. This module will also include a library orientation and an academic writing skills workshop.
  • Survey of Sources and Annotated Bibliography
  • In this module, students identify a topic of interest in consultation with the course coordinator and create an annotated bibliography with 6-10 sources, at least one of which will be an entire monograph related to the topic and the rest will be journal articles or book chapters. The annotated bibliography should convey in 300-400 words the central claims and arguments of the sources and how it relates to the student's chosen topic.
  • Book Review
  • Based on the selected monograph in the previous module, students write a formal book review.
  • Proposal Idea and Presentation
  • Based on the annotated bibliography and book review, students are required to frame an idea for a potential dissertation topic and present it to the class.
  • Assessment Details with weights:
  • Book Review: 30%
  • Annotated Bibliography: 25%
  • Proposal idea: 20%
  • Presentation: 25%
  • Reading List:
  • Select Reference Material