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Course CodeCourse TitleCredit
SLS3HS001 Historical Methods (Comparative Historiography) 4
SLS3HS002 Studying India’s Past: Traditions, Trends and New Approaches 4
SLS3HS003 Research Paper I (Survey of Secondary Literature) 4
SLS3HS004 Primary Sources Essay (guided reading: individual supervision) 4
SLS3SC302 Methods and Techniques in Social Research 4
SLS3SC303 Guided Reading Course (GRC) 2
SLS3SC304 Workshop on Academic Writing 2
SLS3SC301 Theoretical Issues in Sociological Research 4
SLS3EC123 Historical Methods and Political Economy: Track 3 2
SLS3EC132 Mathematical Methods: Track-2 2
SLS3EC133 Mathematical Methods: Track-3 2
NA Econometrics Track 3: Microeconometric Methods & Applications 2
SLS2SC001 Social Theory I 4
SLS2SC002 Sociology of Indian Society (SOIS) 4
NA Culture, Hierarchy and Difference 4
SLS2SC004 Protests, Movements and Transformations 4
SLS2SC005 Social Theory II 4
SLS2SC006 Social Research 4
SLS2 SC007 Workshop on Expressions 2
NA Organisational Exposure 2
NA Relationships and Affinities 4
NA : Law and Society 4
SLS2SC202 Science, Technology and Society 4
SLS2SC006 Culture Health and Systems of Healing 4
SLS2SC210 Transnational Feminisms 4
SLS2SC212 Sociology of Work and Health 4
SLS2SC215 Capital, Value and Infrastructure 4
SLS2HS002 The State in Indian History 4
SLS2HS003 Power, Culture and Marginality in India 4
SLS2HS004 Problems of Historical Knowledge 4
SLS2HS101 Indian National Movement 4
SLS2HS102 Urbanization in India 4
SLS2HS104 Environmental History of South Asia 4
SLS2HS106 Communalism and Partition in Modern South Asia 4
SLS2HS107 India’s Economy and Colonial Rule: 1750-1950 4
SLS2HS108 Oral Epics in India: Exploring History and Identity 4
SLS2HS110 Partitions in South Asia 4
SLS2HS201 Introduction to Global Environmental History 4
SLS2HS203 The Indian Ocean in History 4
SLS2HS204 Comparative Studies in the Labour Relations and Wellbeing, 1600s-2000s 4
SLS2HS301 Leadership and Politics in 20th century South Asia 8
: SLS2HS303 Conceptualising a Region 8
SLS2HS304 Environmental History of India 8
SLS2HS305 Social and Cultural Marginality 8
SLS2HS307 Urban Societies 8
SLS2HS310 Labour, Land, Capital and State: The Experiences of Working People and Development in the Indian Subcontinent, 1600s-201 8
SLS2HS312 Metanarratives and the Historiography of Everyday 8
SLS2HS313 Partition of Indian Subcontinent and its Aftermath 8
SLS2HS209 History of Modern Japan 4
NA Aspects of Rural History in Western India 4
SLS2HS306 What Is Intellectual History in India? 8
SLS2HS002 Making of the Modern World, c. 1780 - 1919 4
SLS2HS202 Unstable Empire: British Imperial Experiences, c. 1600 - 1960 4
SLS2HS208 Society and Culture in Early Modern Europe, c. 1400 - 1750 4
SLS2HS206 Capitalism and Race in South Africa 4
SLS2EC233 Topics in Macroeconomics 4
SLS2EC217 Monetary Theory 4
SLS2EC106 Macroeconomics II 4
SLS2EC101 Microeconomics 1 4
SLS2EC102 Macroeconomics I 4
SLS2EC103 International Trade and Capital Flows 4
SLS2EC104 Statistics and Data Exploration 4
SLS2EC105 Microeconomics 2 4
SLS2EC107 Capitalism, Colonialism and Development 4
SLS2EC108 Theories of Value and Distribution 4
SLS2EC109 Development Economics 4
SLS2EC110 Indian Economy 4
SLS2EC211 Econometrics and Data Analysis 4
SLS2EC212 Law and Economics 4
SLSEC213 Research Methods in Economics 4
SLS2EC214 Marxist Political Economy-1 4
SLS2EC215 Economics of Environmental Health 4
SLS2EC216 Theories of Agrarian Development 4
SLS2EC218 Social Choice 4
SLS2EC219 Marxist Political Economy-2 4
SLS2EC220 Introduction to the Economics of Health and Health Care 4
SLS2EC221 Game Theory 1 4
SLS2EC223 Labour and Development 4
SLS2EC224 Mathematical Methods of Economics 4
SLS2EC225 Cross Section and Panel Data Econometrics -I 4
SLS2EC226 Twentieth Century Economic Thought 4
SLS2EC227 Industrial Organization 4
SLS2EC228 Cross Section and Panel Data Econometrics -II 4
SLS2EC228 Cross Section and Panel Data Econometrics -II 4
SLS2EC230 Game Theory 2 4
SLS2EC231 Environmental Economics 4
SLS2EC232 Networks: Theory and Applications 4