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The School of Liberal Studies (SLS) offers a range of interdisciplinary and overlapping programmes that support, encourage and redefine liberal arts education through cutting-edge interdisciplinary courses, interactive pedagogy and learning that goes beyond classroom spaces.

The Masters Programme in Economics provides students with a rigorous and in-depth advanced training in economic analysis, with a particular emphasis on equipping them with the ability to comprehend and think about contemporary economic issues including the challenges confronting developing countries like India.

The programme draws on different theoretical perspectives and traditions within the discipline, brings in perspectives from outside the discipline on contemporary social phenomenon, and uses creative pedagogical approaches to offer a well rounded training that would enable students to achieve a variety of objectives simultaneously; in keeping with the University's vision, develop a sociopolitical and historical perspective on the economy and the discipline which analyses it; master the quantitative techniques which are used extensively in economic analysis; understand and learn to analyse contemporary economic issues at the global and national levels; and acquire skills for absorbing and communicating economic ideas.